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Digit & Dot


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Ages 4+Players 2-6KS1 maths

25 fun filled mini maths games with dice and counters.

  • Designed by teachers for practicing Early Years and KS1 maths skills for 4-7 year olds.
  • Covers counting, number recognition, addition, subtraction, doubling, halving, multiplication, division, prime numbers, place value and more.
  • A separate activity on each card. Clear, colour coded instructions.
  • Builds solid foundations in number work, helps to prevent maths anxiety, boosts confidence and an enthusiasm for numbers.

In stock

Play Number Snap, or be the first to draw a bug. Find the secret number, or race to 100. All 25 games have been designed by teachers to target and develop maths skills from simple number recognition and ordering, to addition and subtraction, prime numbers, multiplication, times tables and more.

Kids will become confident number crunchers as they practice and improve their skills. Each game is linked to the Foundation and KS1 National Curriculum.

3 reviews for Digit & Dot

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  1. Helen Gardener

    Good set of games, passed the time during lockdown and helped my son with his maths.

  2. Anna

    The games work really well, they’ve been genuinely engaging for my 6 year old twins. I like the themes (such as drawing bugs and cows in fields) which are great fun. I have seen a definite improvement in their mental maths and they are much faster at adding and subtraction and simple multiplication.

  3. Jess Macky

    This is a brilliant little set of games which keep my 5 year old entertained. You can choose the level of difficulty and take your time working through them, building up their skills. Simple but very effective. I would really recommend if you want your kids to become more confident with number work.

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